You can me book for…

I’m a latex fashion model and below are listed the things I am interested in. What I don’t do is porn, SM-related Guldor Photography, model nicky alicia 2activities/shoots and nude. I appreciate creative shoots on rare locations and I like it when the  photographer and me exchange creative ideas
 and the shoot becomes a creative collaboration. I’m always open for new ideas and like to think of something new!

What I do:

  • Latex catwalkshows;
  • Photoshoots: latex fashion, lingerie and burlesque clothing. No nude or topless;
  • Videoshoots: as long as it isn’t erotic tinted;
  • Doorbitch;
  • Candygirl;
  • Promogirl.


What can you expect from me?

  • Professional and positive attitude: I’m always prepared and on time;
  • Creative mind that likes to think with you;
  • Professional posing with a lot of experience;
  • I can do my own make-up, hair and styling;
  • I will name you and credit you in the pictures that I use on social media so more people get to know you;
  • Last but not least: also a lot of fun!

And what do I expect from you?

  • Also a professional attitude; be on time and make sure you’ve got everything with you;
  • A location to shoot;
  • For a 2 hour shoot I ask €100,- without expenses like fuel;
  • In case I don’t have latex clothes that fit the theme you had in mind, you must arrange the clothing. Of course the clothing will be discussed with me first to make sure we are both comfortable with the choices;
  • After the shoot I want at least 3 edited pictures that I can use on social media (of course with your credits);
  • All the pictures you post, should include my name, a link to my website or social media and my logo
  • I want to have a look at the pictures you want to publish.

Looks fair right? Just be professional, have fun and make sure you’ll name me. And then you can expect the same from me. Looking forward to work with you!