About me

International latex fashion model based in Utrecht, Holland

When I was 21 I discovered latex clothes and ordered my first outfits. People often said that I would be
a good latex model and when a Dutch latex designer, Rubbella, asked me to do some shoots for her, my latex modelling career started. I liked
 modelling a lot and started to do shoots with more photographers and it got me to the point where I am today!

Why latex? I like the latex fits my body and I feel very confident in latex clothing. Besides that I think latex
is a beautiful fabric for clothes and isn’t immediately erotic. but I believe that this doesn’t have to be the case at all. Latex is just another type of beautiful fabric for clothes and we can wear casual latex more in in daily life! That’s why I also prefer shoots that are focused on the beauty of latex and the outfits and less focused on the erotic/kinky part. That’s why I call myself a latex fashion model!


What I do

I’m a latex fashion model and below are listed the things I am interested in. What I don’t do is porn, SM-related activities/shoots and nude. I appreciate creative shoots on rare locations and I like it when the ¬†photographer and me exchange creative ideas and the shoot becomes a creative collaboration.¬†I’m always open for new ideas and like to think of something new!


What I do:

  • Latex catwalkshows
  • Photoshoots: latex fashion, lingerie, burlesque clothing. No nude or topless.
  • Videoshoots: as long as it isn’t erotic tinted.
  • Doorbitch
  • Candygirl
  • Promogirl

You can always contact me via nickyaliciaofficial@gmail.com or via the contactform on this website.